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    Take a deep breath, lower your shoulders and exhale with us at Indiska. Here we have gathered everything you need for a softer, kinder and calmer everyday life.
    Yoga with Indiska

    Yoga with Indiska

    Take a deep breath and be present in this moment here and now with us at Indiska. Our yoga collection is both kind to your skin and the planet – and is just as suitable for yoga and meditation, as it is for taking a refreshing walk or cuddling at home.
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    Yoga with Indiska

    Crystal Bliss

    Life becomes just as magical as you make it. With our lovely crystals and bracelets in natural materials such as amethyst, rose quartz and malachite, we promise that you will boost that magical feeling.
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    Healing stones

    Crystals are not only a beautiful interior detail, it is also alleged that they can contribute to positive energies in your home.
    Calm Beginnings

    Calm Beginnings

    Slow down, look inward and explore your inner world together with Indiska and Josefine’s Yoga. Our gorgeous kaftans are as lovely to wear as looking at – and fits both for meditation, relaxation at home and at the office by styling them with a pair of jeans.
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    Calm Beginnings Collection

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