A Better Choice

These are our products made of more than 50% more sustainable materials.
We call these A BETTER CHOICE, to make it easier for you as a customer to do as conscious choices as possible.
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An A BETTER CHOICE product must contain more than 50% of a more sustainable material.
Our definition of a more sustainable material implies that the fibre origins from a renewable or recyclable source,
is produced with more resource efficient methods compared to the equivalent conventional fibre, and/or
has a third-party certification that proves the traceability. It should also be biodegradable or recyclable.

A Better Choice

"By making conscious choices, buying products you really like, and taking care of them in the right way you´re making a long-term difference. The most sustainable piece of clothing is the one that has a long life!"
- Bodil Jönsson-Lindgren, Sustainability Manager


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