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A livingroom with a white sofa with tufted cushions, colourful and patterned rug with a pouf on it
As always, in January, we are longing for a new start and with simple tips and tricks it´s easy to give a fresh update to your living room! Here are our best tips for making your home ready for spring. 

New Cushions

Probably the easiest way to give the living room an update is by adding new cushions to the sofa. We´ve just received loads of new cushions - tufted cushions, lovely zebra-printed cushions, and classic floral-printed cushions, that immediately add a new touch to the living room.
Three zebra printed cushions in on a white sofa

Small details

Looking for a small change? If so, our best tip is to treat yourself to some new vases in different sizes - perfect to place the first spring flowers in. Or why not some lovely incense sticks and incense holders? Small details that make a big difference and add an extra touch to your living room. 
A white sofa with three floral cushions. There is a white table in front of the sofa with two floral cups and two white vases placed on it.

Hand-woven rugs

Changing the rug in a living room can make a huge difference. Treat yourself with a high-quality hand-woven rug, a beautiful and timeless touch to your home. 
Hand-woven rug in a colourful pattern with a white table and a leather pouf placed on it

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