Swedish fika

Fika is more than just a cup of coffee

Fika is one of the first words you will learn when you visit Sweden. The term fika is never translated by Swedes. They don't want it to fade away into obscurity and become yet another coffee break. Because… it’s not a regular coffee break. Fika is more than just a cup of coffee. It's a social phenomenon, and it's a compelling excuse to carve out some time for quality time. Fika may take place at any time of day, or night. It's delicious at home, at work, or at a café. It might be with coworkers, relatives, friends, or someone you just met. It is a custom that is followed on a regular basis, preferably many times a day.  So, can you have a fika on your own? Absolutely! Having fika alone can be a way to gather your thoughts or let go of your thoughts. Regroup, find answers and find energy. Call it Swedish mindfulness if you will. How do you prefer your fika?

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