Pottery - Chaozhou in China

One of our most important suppliers of stoneware has a long family tradition in Chinese ceramic crafts.
The owner, Susan, has inherited the family's love of ceramics and founded the company in 2001 in the city of Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China. Today the company employs 96 people, 50 women and 46 men.

In the 1920s, Susan’s grandfather had a ceramic workshop with a dragon kiln. The tradition passed on to her father, who has written one of the most influential books on traditional Chinese ceramic production process and technology.

Susan's business concept is to work innovatively with the traditional craftsmanship. Her leadership adds a feminine touch to the brand, which shows in both collections and her personal commitment to employees and the local community. Most of the leading positions in the company is held by women, and parental and child activities are offered to employees. Employees also support children in poor areas and help them complete high school.


The supplier manufactures several of our plates, bowls, mugs and pots in stoneware. The material is biodegradable, and production is made in a responsible manner with optimization of water use and drying of the clay with solar energy.

The crafting process is time-consuming, usually starting with building a mold in which the stone goods are poured, and then burnt. Coloring, hand painting and decoration can be done in several rounds and finally the earthenware is burned in a glass oven. Each product is unique - it is the craft that gives it its character.


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