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Indiska’s supplier in Noida in India has been a pioneer in export of clothing from India since 1973, when it was founded. Their success lies in the deep engagement and interest in customer's needs. Their strengths are quality, support in design development, and their goal to continuously develop their work on environmental and social responsibility.

Indiska has collaborated with the supplier since 2017. Since we share the same values, they have quickly grown into one of our most important suppliers of woven garments.

The company is family-owned and employs approximately 5000 people, about 2000 women and 3000 men. They have their own research and development team and test lab, and work according to Lean manufacturing for quality assurance.

The supplier participated in Sustainable Water Resources (SWAR) 2014, a unique project with the aim of contributing to a cleaner textile production. The project was run by three Swedish companies, (Indiska one of them) Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and the Indian consultancy cKinetics with financial support from SIDA. The project resulted in raised awareness of the importance of saving water, energy and chemicals in order to keep the costs down at the factory and at the same time save the environment.


The supplier has reinvested the savings from the project into new technology and become even better at protecting the environment. They have their own water treatment plant and recycle water in production and have invested in solar energy.

The supplier produces a large proportion of our woven blouses, dresses, tunics and trousers in cotton and viscose. The company is GOTS certified which means that they offer organic cotton, and that they meet strict requirements for dyeing and working conditions.

The employees wear mouth guards to protect themselves from dust from the textiles which may occur during cutting and sewing.

In rare cases it happens that the sewing needle breaks during sewing process. To ensure no part is left in the garment each garment runs through a needle detection machine before the garment is packed.

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