Metal Handicrafts - Uttar Pradesh in India

One of our oldest suppliers, who we have worked with since the 1990s, manufactures a large part of our furnishings in traditional metal crafts in his factory in the state Uttar Pradesh.

The company is family owned and was founded already in the 1960s. The interest in metal crafts has been going on for generations and the owner Mr Sanjiv is the third generation who runs the company. When Indiska started the cooperation, he had just taken over the company. The family has produced their own handbook for crafts that they follow. 

The supplier employs 89 people, all from nearby villages. Metalcraft is a traditional male occupation in India so most employees are men, 79 out of 89.


Mr Sanjiv’s factory makes traditional lanterns, candlesticks and lamps which are important products for Indiska.

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