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    MyIndiska is a free membership that inspires, facilitates and gives you the best of the best. Every krona, Euro or pound you buy for gives you points - and the more you collect, the higher the level and the more benefits you get!

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    It pays off to be a member! We have divided the membership into three levels. The more points you have - the higher in level you end up and the more benefits you get.
    Bonus checks*
    Offers and discounts
    Be part of developing Indiska
    Exclusive partner offers on your member page
    Monthly email from our CEO
    Shopping- and inspiration events
    Preview of new collections
    Surprise offers
    VIP events

    *As a member of My Indiska you will get points for all your purchases where €0.1 / 1 SEK become 1 point and for every 1000 points, you recive a digital bonus check of €3 / 30 SEK. The bonus check is electronically loaded onto your membership every three months.

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