Quality & product responsibility

It is of utmost importance that our products meet our customers' expectations of quality. In order to ensure quality and compliance of applicable laws, quality tests are carried out at both internal and external independent laboratories. Here are some examples of how we test our products:
Quality | Indiska
Laundry, shrinkage and colour fastness
Our textile products undergo several washes where shrinkage, twisting, colour fastness, appearance and durability are tested to ensure that they meet Indiska’s quality requirements.

Dry rubbing
We perform dry- and wet rubbing tests on all textile products to make sure they do not stain. When using some special printing techniques or dark denim colours may transfer onto light surfaces. In these cases, we always inform our customers through a warning label.

Many soft spun yarns have a characteristic of forming pills. Pilling is normal, and we always ensure that the pilling is within a reasonable level that meets requirements for normal use.

Flame retardancy
We test thin textile materials to see that they meet the international requirements for flame retardancy.

Light fastness
Our curtains are tested for colour fastness to light to ensure that they do not fade too quickly in sunlight.

Product safety
An important part of the product development process from design to production is to ensure function and durability, above all it should be safe to use. It especially concerns lanterns, ceramics and electric lamps.

Candles and scented candles undergo our risk analysis and are tested for fire safety. Still, a lit candle shall never be left unguarded!

Our electrical lamps comply with the EU regulation and follow the RoHs directive regulating chemical content. They are thereby labelled with the mandatory CE mark

We are members of the chemical group RISE, who works to phase out hazardous chemicals from the textile industry. Through regular meetings, we stay informed of the latest research and upcoming national regulatory requirements and additions to European chemicals legislation REACH.

All suppliers we work with are committed to follow the Swerea RISE Chemicals Guide and our own Quality Standards and Requirements. We continuously strive to improve our suppliers’ knowledge what substances are hazardous to health and the environment, and available substitutes.

We perform sample analyses on our products to follow up on compliance. The chemical tests are based on a risk analysis where we consider all factors from risk chemicals per material as well as the producer market and supplier to ensure that we sell safe products.
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