Social responsibility

Indiska adopted our Code of Conduct in 1998 and have ever since worked actively on how we, together with our suppliers, will achieve lasting improvements in the factories where our goods are produced.
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The Code of Conduct must be signed by all our suppliers who undertake to comply with the requirements and to ensure that their subcontractors comply with the requirements. In practice, a signature means only a signature on a piece of paper, but this is where the journey of improvement begins, through visits, dialogues and inspections.

Indiska’s Code of conduct
Our Code of Conduct is based on the ILO's conventions on working conditions and labour rights and the UN Convention on Children´s rights. It includes prohibitions on forced labor, child labor and discrimination. We demand freedom of association, a good working environment, legal salaries and benefits, legal working hours, real employment, human treatment and compliance with the national laws that exist in our production countries but not always are followed.

Our ambition is that everyone who is involved in Indiska’s supply chain works under fair conditions. For us, it is important to have a continuous dialogue with our suppliers and we value when a supplier by own will want to improve the working conditions.

Inspections and attendance
Our CSR auditor performs inspections that include physical inspection of the workplace as well as checking documents of salaries, insurance, pensions, holidays, employment certificates and working hours, as well as interviews with factory employees.

Our quality inspectors, based in our India office, visit our suppliers regularly to perform quality inspection of our goods. They also have the task of paying attention to the working environment. If the deviation is detected, a dialogue is held with the supplier and our CSR inspector.

Maintaining a respectful dialogue with the supplier, informing about our values, listening, to make constructive suggestions and stubbornness are important elements of the work, as well as knowledge of the country of production.

Reporting and nonconformities
In case of deviations, a report is written to the supplier with detailed instructions for action. Time limits are set depending on the nature of the deviation. Some changes need to be addressed immediately, others may take a month or longer.
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