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Since 1998, Indiska has been involved in social projects together with Peace Trust, a political unbound charity in Dindigul, in Tamil Nadu province in southern India.
Peace Trust was founded in 1984 by the human rights activist Dr Paul Basker and works against child labour, for labour rights of migrants, for environmental protection, and awareness of hygiene and health.

The cooperation with Peace Trust started by Indiska sponsoring a school project, with the purpose that children who had been exploited in the heavy spinning industry could attend school. Two years later we built a vocational school. In addition to the school, we also support the Women's Group's activities.
Peace trust | Indiska
Sponsorship of schooling
Indiska believes that children should go to school, why we in 1998 started a collaboration with Peace Trust to enable schooling for socially vulnerable children and young people. 100 former child workers from the spinning sector were given the opportunity to sponsored schooling through financial compensation for the missing income as well as for school uniform and food. Intensive work was put into motivating the children to continue schooling and the education was supplemented with acting, dance and music to promote creativity and motivation.

When this project was completed Indiska wanted to continue supporting vulnerable children and young people, the idea to build a vocational school was born!

Vocational school – Skills for freedom
In 2000, a vocational school was built, the building and the operation is entirely funded by Indiska. Today, the school offers vocational educations of 1-2 years within data, mechanics, electronics and sewing, funded by Indiska. The school is run by the Peace Trust with the aim of providing vulnerable young people between the ages of 14 and 18, who have been exploited in industry, education and thus the possibility of livelihood by becoming free workers.

The technical educations are supplemented with exercises in building self-confidence, understanding of one's own strengths and weaknesses and skills in seeking employment and communicating in the working life. The school is of a high standard and most of the students get work right after completing their education.

Several of Indiska's suppliers are also involved in the business school's activities by providing computers, sewing machines and other equipment. About 2000 students have graduated since the start of the vocational school.
Peace trust | Indiska
The women's group - work gives independence
The Women's Group is a collective in southern India that started as a Peace Trust program in 1998. The purpose is to create jobs and thus provide an opportunity for an extra income for poor and socially oppressed women. Since 2010, the business has been run as an independent foundation registered with the name Peace Garment and Handicraft Center.

Today, the collective consists of more than 30 women from three villages in Dindigul. They receive skills training in various crafts and produce cards and decorations based on both their own designs and designs from Indiska’s designers at the head office in Stockholm. The cards and associated envelopes are made of handmade paper from recycled textiles and screen printed by hand.

The work gives the women hope, pride and a chance to support themselves and their families. The idea is also that the women should gain experience to develop their own products to sell over time, both to the local market and to exports. Indiska continually buys these products in its range.

For every card and decoration that Indiska sells, SEK 10 goes back to Peace Trust to finance the vocational school.
Peace Trust | Indiska
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