Collaboration for innovation: Hackahton x Indiska

How can we together transform the textile and fashion industry to become more sustainable?

To push the development of innovation for a more sustainable and circular industry we arrange a design hackathon together with Textile & Fashion 2030, Science Park Borås and the Swedish School of Textiles. For two days, students from multiple schools compete with their ideas, and the winners get the chance to realize their concept together with us.

"Collaboration between research, academia and business is important to drive change in the industry, but as well for our students who are its the future leaders". 

Anett Aldman, project manager Science Park Borås. 


Theme 2022: Circularity 

The goal of the 2022 year’s design hackathon was to challenge the traditional linear textile value chain to adopt more circular practices when it comes to material, design, or a business model perspective.

"We are overwhelmed of the engagement and fantastic results that the students have achieved in this short time. The days here in the DO-tank has given us an incredible amount of energy and inspiration".

Karin Lindahl, CEO, and owner of Indiska.

The jury consisted of Adrian Zethraeus, project manager at Science Park Borås, Karin Lindahl and Agneta Bohlin from Indiska. Two winners were chosen, based on factors such as sustainability, feasibility, scalability, innovation and design.

Selected group: Mikaela Hellgren and Sonia Braska 

Students at the bachelor program Textile Product development and Entrepreneurship at the Swedish School of Textiles. Their collection consists unique and beautiful everyday garments, as well as an exclusive haute-couture dress, made with patch work technique from rescued fabrics from pieces in our stock and samples.

”We're extremely glad and slightly overwhelmed to have won the hackathon. We're very much looking forward to working together with Indiska to develop the collection and we feel honored that our concept has been chosen to help commemorate the 120 years of Indiska's presence in Sweden.” 


Selected group: Fabian Pirrwitz, Hannah Kaspari, Miriam Scheller & Paula Herzberg 

Students at the master program Fashion and Textile Design, as well as Textile Value Chain Management at the Swedish School of Textiles. The group was chosen for their sustainable lifestyle concept that engages and inspires the customer through customization, mending and transparency.  

”We are very pleased to be one of the winning groups of the hackathon and were very excited about the opportunity to connect our creative ideas and concepts with the interests and possibilities of Indiska. We are looking forward to further collaborate and continue developing our ideas”.  

The work to conceptualize and realize the two ideas has begun.  Several departments at Indiska are involved, to give the best support as possible to the two groups and to get a creative and inspiring exchange with each other.

Stay tuned during the fall to see the ideas come to life!  

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