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It should be easy to choose more sustainable alternatives at Indiska, and we want our customers to be part of our sustainability journey. Together, we can achieve more. By making conscious choices, buying products you really like, and taking proper care of them, you can make a difference in the long run. If you want to know what you can do as a customer to make a difference, read on here.
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Make more conscious choices

Before you shop, consider what you need and what function you want your new product to perform. Making conscious decisions can mean different things to different people. For example, it may be about choosing a better material from an environmental standpoint, choosing a garment that can be used in many different situations, or choosing the one that best fits your budget. Buying garments that you really like and that fit you, and your style is the basic recipe for being satisfied and wanting to keep the garment for a long time. This is the most sustainable.

Old favorites can become new ones

Make it a habit to take care of your clothes or furnishings so they stay beautiful for a long time. Sometimes it does not take much to fix something that's broken, like sewing on a button that's come loose or patching a hole. Think creatively and think twice before parting with something that can be fixed with simple tools!

Think creatively

It's easy to wear a garment the same way you always have, without thinking about whether it's possible to wear or style it differently than you normally do. Here is an example of how you can think creatively and wear a dress in more situations!

Wash carefully

We often wash our clothes a little too often and more than we actually need. Washing and drying tears the garment a little with each wash and, of course, uses water and energy. If the garment has no visible stains or odors, hang it up to air to see if that might be enough. If not, you can read more about how to gently wash your clothes to make them last longer here.

● Wash your clothes only if they are dirty - and if they have a stain, first try to wash out only the stain.
● Sort laundry by light and dark textiles. For colored textiles, avoid detergents with bleach to prevent colors from fading.
● Fill the washing machine, but avoid packing.
● Choose lower temperatures, detergents are already effective at 30 degrees.
● Use eco-labeled detergents, and dose the right amount. Avoid overdosing.
● Avoid fabric softener, it wears down textiles. However, fabric softener may be necessary for acrylic garments to counteract static electricity.
● Use a laundry bag to reduce wear, especially for viscose, which is weak when wet. For polyester garments, a special laundry bag can be used to catch microfibers.
● Spin lightly and allow garments to air dry rather than tumble dry.
● Coarse knits and other heavy garments should be shaped and dried lying down.

Let your clothes live on forever

By reusing and recycle your old garments we can recreate a new wardrobe without using additional resources. Don´t be afraid to use your clothes and if they no longer suits you, give someone else the chance by second hand.
As a customer, you can hand in your used garments in our Swedish stores, and they are then resold in Myrorna's stores in Sweden.
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